PTO Board, 2021-2022

  • Co-Chairs:  William Guerrette
  • Co-Chair:  Kerry White
  • Treasurer: Stephanie Layne
  • Secretary:  OPEN
  • Teacher Rep:  TBD
  • Principal:  John Riggs

PTO Board Contact Information


Committee Chairs

  • Fundraising: Magic Phoenix Co-Chairs: OPEN
  • Grocery Cards: OPEN
  • Milk Caps: Kerry White
  • Community Nights/Dinners: Kerry White
  • School Store: Emily Tessar & Laura Flodin
  • Box Tops: N/A
  • Hospitality Chair:  Natasia Smith
  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation: Natasia Smith & Kerry White
  • 6th grade Parent Coffee w/ 360 parents:  N/A
  • Volunteer Coordinator:  OPEN
  • Budget Planning: OPEN
  • Winter Social: TBD
  • Diversity/Cultural Dinner: (TEACHER)
  • Trip Tracker: OPEN
  • Projects Committee: Shannon Collier
  • PEN: Amber Byers
  • Science Garden, Music Garden: OPEN
  • Communications: Julie Chang & OPEN
  • 8th Grade Party: OPEN
  • BVGT Representative: OPEN

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Manhattan Middle School PTO