PTO Board, 2016-2017

  • Co-Chairs: Julie Chang, Karen Gall, Shannon Collier, Darcy Fan & Nicole Wobus
  • Vice Chair: OPEN
  • 2nd Vice Chair: OPEN
  • Treasurer: Karen Gall
  • Secretary: Nicole Wobus
  • Teacher Rep: Sarah Blackford, Mary Ellen Steele, Barb Miller
  • Principal: John Riggs

PTO Board Contact Information


Committee Chairs

  • Fundraising: Magic Phoenix Co-Chairs: Darcy Fan & OPEN
  • Grocery Cards: Darcy Fan (interim)
  • Milk Caps: Sarah Blackford's Class
  • Community Nights/Dinners: Julie Volckens
  • School Store: OPEN
  • Box Tops: Persia Houston
  • Hospitality: Conference Dinners Oct. & Feb. (3 nights): Persia Houston
  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation (monthly & May): Persia Houston & Darcy Fan
  • 6th grade Parent Coffee w/ 360 parents:  Shannon Gallagher, Shannon Collier
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Input Forms--OPEN Recruit Volunteers for Vision and Hearing Screening with the Health Room Para in September
  • Budget Planning: OPEN
  • Winter Social: OPEN
  • Diversity/Cultural Dinner: (TEACHER) Not PTO
  • Trip Tracker: Lori Winslow
  • Projects Committee: Shannon Collier
  • Science Garden, Music Garden: Jennifer Dingman & OPEN-teacher,
  • Communications: Julie Chang & OPEN
  • 8th Grade Party: OPEN
  • BVGT Representative: Darcy Fan

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