PTO has Three Sources of Funding


  1. Magic Phoenix Campaign

  2. PTO fundraisers - "Other Funds request" run by the PTO and are considered Community Events

  3. PTO defined fundraisers- "Other Funds request" run by requesting party


Funding Request Options

  • Staff request for Magic Phoenix funding – complete form:
  •     Select Magic Phoenix – “Yes” 
  •     Guidelines require evidence of academic support through classroom enhancement.
  •     Staff is limited to one request per year.  See Protocol for Magic Phoenix Campaign Fund Requests for details.
  •     If the PTO determines the request meets the Magic Phoenix criteria and funding is available the project will be funded.
  • Request for “Other Funds Request” – complete form:
  •     Magic Phoenix Request – “No” 
  •     PTO determines criteria is met and assigns one of the following funding options:
  •     PTO offers Fundraising Idea for Requestor to administer
  •     PTO assigns a future Community Event (Restaurant, Store, etc.)
  •     PTO funds request

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